On this page, you will find descriptions of the flavours we are currently scooping in the store, the flavours we are selling in pints, and any specials or seasonal treats we may be offering. Further below you will find a list of all the flavours we’ve served in the past, many of them come back seasonally when their ingredients are at their prime!

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Ice Cream For Breakfast!

Saturday, February 4th is National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! Order your pints, toppings and waffles now and then pick them up at 102 Fairmont, or have them delivered to your home in time for breakfast on Feb 4th! Make your own Ice Cream for Breakfast by picking pints, toppings and waffles from the selections below! Ready for order beginning Sat Jan 27! To see all pints, toppings and waffles available or ordering online, please visit shop.themerrydairy.com! :)

Today’s Pints!

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All Flavours!

Browse all our flavours - check Today's Scoops and Today's Pints for flavours currently for sale.

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