Mint your mint!

The Mint Exchange 2024 closes on Friday, July 5 at 9pm!

Thank you for all the mint! Fresh mint stratiacella is now available at!


It’s minting time. The backyard kind. The kind that can be turned into delicious mint treats like ice cream and sorbets!


How does it work?


Bring your mint (spearmint and peppermint only) to The Fairmont Canadian Mint at 102 Fairmont starting Tuesday, June 25th where it will be minted into Merry Dairy credit following judgement by Merry Dairy mint experts (because mint is mint to be judged). The more mint the merrier, but remember Quality & Aroma is key! Also ensure that your name, email and phone number is clearly written on the bag you bring your mint in!


There are lots of different types of mint, and people like Martha Stewart have made a handy guide to the best culinary mint!



The amount of credit you mint for your mint, will be graded on two categories:  Appearance and Aroma.



To ensure that your mint is brilliant, you want to pick out mint with the freshest, healthiest leaves. Wash them well to take away dirt and grime until you have a nice fresh bunch!



Mint with a good strong aroma is one that can be detected from the other end of the room. Washing the bunch can make the aroma much more potent and that’s when you know you’ve got good mint!



The final score will be calculated as follows:





All that mint you bring, will be turned into deliciously fresh Mint Chip Stracciatella Ice Cream ! So bring those fresh bunches of mint and get ready to mint some ice cream!




Mint drop-off is between 12-8 pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Please include your name, phone number and email, clearly on tape, paper, or even directly on the bag.



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