Malted dark chocolate, spicy Grape-Nuts and swirls of Top Shelf Preserves' spicy red pepper jelly blended into a premium ice cream


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Know anyone who might be feeling a little spicy or a little grumpy right about now? The Krampus is the other side of the holidays. One that brings a little trepidation and a little comeuppance this time of year.  Whether your Krampus appears during holiday dinners and get-togethers, or while you’re doing your Christmas shopping, or in the car for that long drive to visit family, this Krampus flavour, with its bittersweet malted dark chocolate base laced with spicy Grape-Nuts and a swirl of Top Shelf Preserves spicy jelly (to help deal with all forms of Krampus-ness). For the spicy and the grumpy, Krampus is our final Christmas flavour. Happy Krampus!