Pint Fundraisers & Truck Visits

Looking to raise funds for your school, team, club, or organization? Wondering how to do an exciting, easy, and different sort of fundraiser? A pint fundraiser is a great way for us to do the hard work and for your donors to get delicious ice cream.


Working with The Merry Dairy, your organization can create a custom online store with a selection of dairy and vegan pints of ice cream. Your organization’s fundraisers will use a custom link to reach out to your community and supporters via email, social media, or any other way, which will take them to the custom store and make their own orders.  No need for your members to go door-to-door with a cooler full of ice cream pints! 


Your supporters will know that every pint purchase directly helps your organization! Plus they get ice cream!


Orders can then be made for pickup or delivery like any other Merry Dairy order. Or, combine it with a soft serve or scoops truck visit, set a  date and location, and we’ll bring a Merry Dairy truck on that day for people to pick up their orders at the truck! And if an order can’t be picked up from the truck that day, we can keep those orders at The Merry Dairy to be picked up anytime!


And when they get their order, each of their pints will have a custom label that features your organization’s custom image and message, so that as your supporters enjoy their ice cream, they know they’ve helped an organization in their community!


To get the ball rolling, please send an email to!


Current Fundraisers are listed at!

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