Gift Options!

Want to do something special for that special someone! Here are four ways!

1. Only until September 14th!

Is 2020 done yet?

For so many teachers and support staff in our schools, it’s just beginning all over again …

So, while we all usually wait until the end of school year to give a small thank you gift to the people who take care of our kids, maybe the beginning of this school year in this blech-y 2020 is the best time to offer a small pick-me-up in recognition of all the hard work being done whether for remote or in-class learning.

Order here!

2. A gift certificate!

A Merry Dairy Gift certificate! Order them online and they’ll be delivered to your inbox. Ordering more than one? Each card will arrive as its own email, which you can forward to your special someone or someones! Prefer a physical gift card? Purchase a card at the takeaway window! Available in amounts from $4 to $50. For custom amounts, please contact!


3. A gift purchase with gift receipt!

Or, buy some treats and give them to someone else to pickup or to receive at their doorstep! Pick what you want to give and then select gift receipt at checkout and let us know who to deliver it to! 


4. Truck Delivery!

And if you want to make your gift even more special, book delivery of your order with one of The Merry Dairy trucks with delivery to your door. Plus the truck will stay for up to ten minutes for photos! Pick truck delivery at checkout. and then we’ll reach out on delivery day with an approximate time of arrival. Deliveries occur between 3 and 7pm Tuesday to Saturday.  Get a souvenir of the day by including a Merry Dairy truck keychain!


See all the details on pick and delivery here! 🙂