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  • The Snow Pile and the Great Spring March

  • This is the snow pile at 102 Fairmont. Its slow melt tracked by PileVision. Photos will be posted (almost) daily to track our progress to spring. Guess the date and exact time that it will be fully melted away. The guess closest to the actual melted date and time without going over win a Mother’s Day cake! Two other… Read more »

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  • One week ago today …

  • If you can help, we’d love to say thank you   One week ago, on the coldest night of the year, a pipe burst in the Salus apartments on Scott Street. Damage was extensive and 40 people had to leave their homes and be sheltered elsewhere in our city.   The disruption to their lives is incomprehensible as they adjust to this shock… Read more »

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  • A Proposal

  • Read the letters to the Canadian Dairy Commission, The Dairy Farmers of Canada and the Dairy Processors Association of Canada. Local Wholesale A proposal regarding shopkeeper-distributors under the Milk Act   For almost 60 years the Milk Act has existed to “stimulate, increase and improve the producing of milk within Ontario.” This proposal concerns the shopkeeper-distributor designation in the… Read more »

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