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  • Bring The Merry Dairy to your doorstep this Labour Day Weekend!

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  • Calling all kids!

  • Allie Goodyear wrote a song about The Merry Dairy. We loved it so much we asked her if we could record it and make a video! (Hear the song here!

    That’s where you come in!

    We’re inviting all kids to be a part of a video shoot!

    What needs to be done?

    Simple! Just sign up then show up at 8:30 on Friday, August 16 at 102 Fairmont Avenue!

    And, if you like, choose your favorite flavor from the list below! Better yet – come dressed as that flavor! Or make a sign with your flavor on it! Make it as fun and original as you like!

    All kids who participate get free ice cream (dairy or non-dairy treat!)

    The session will be completed by about 11:40.

    Just fill out the form below to register. You can bring the consent form below with you. They will also be available on-site that morning.!

  • What’s in a name?

  • It’s time once again for Name of the Day! Have your name selected, and receive a free cone that day! Below are the names provided by customers that The Merry Dairy will use in picking at least two names per day! Don’t see your name? Add it to the comments below! Aaron Abigail/Abby Adam/Adamo Abdulwahaab Addison/Addyson Adele Adelyn/Adeline Adrienne/Adrian/Adria/Adriana/Adriano Agnes Aibrielle Aidan/Aiden Ainsley… Read more »

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