Catering and Truck Events

Looking to book The Truck? The trucks are available for booking from the beginning of May until September! And like anything in Ottawa, there’s a form to fill out! Questions? Send them to 

How it works:

Book a truck to come to your event! We offer soft-serve from our large truck (1986 Kurbmaster) and scooped ice cream from either our small (1976 Chev) or large truck. Dairy and vegan options are available. There is a minimum order for all events, and we are able to cater within 40 km of downtown Ottawa. Fill out the form below or email with the details of your event!  Our catering packages begin at 60 guests and we can serve scoops or soft-serve ice cream depending on which truck is available.


Ice Cream Scoops Catering & Service For Small Events

Ice Cream Scoops Catering & Service for Large Events

Soft Serve Truck Catering & Service for Small Events

Soft Serve Truck Catering & Service for Large Events

School and Charity Events!

The Merry Dairy helps schools and lots of amazing causes raise money by coming to your school BBQs and events and then donating a percentage of revenues back to the school or charity for your event.  There is no delivery fee and The Truck is nut- and peanut-free! Want to book the truck for your charity event?  Complete the form below. Raise even more funds for your school, by combining your truck visit with a pint fundraiser!

Weddings and other life events!

Make your special day extra special by treating your guests (and yourself) to The Merry Dairy’s ice cream delivered and served right at your chosen venue. Ice cream can be the perfect treat for this special day – after the ceremony, an appetizer for cocktail hour, dessert after dinner, or even a snack once the party’s started. And yes, we can work with your caterer! If we can park our truck there, we can go! 🙂

Festivals, Tournaments, and More!

The Truck loves visiting Festivals, Ottawa Food Truck Rallies, The Experimental Farm, community events, street parties, and more. Looking to book the truck for your special event? Fill out the form below!  

The Fine Print:

As much as we’d love to say this form instantly books the truck, we are still working on our cloning and teleportation capabilities to have the truck in more than one place at once! Filling out this form is only a request, not a confirmation of booking! Also note that bookings are subject to a booking and mileage fee, depending on the nature of the event and its distance from central Ottawa. All Reservation Details need to be finalized 2 weeks before the service date so that we can schedule our friendly and fun team to be with the truck for your event! A deposit is required to reserve the date. Depending on the type of ice cream served, the nature of the event, and the time of year our machines may be limited in the speed we can serve a large number of people (more than 150 servings). Our events team will work with you to determine the best event duration for the number of guests you plan to host. By booking the truck you are confirming that the venue where your event is located can accommodate the truck in a suitable location such as a parking lot, paved surface, gravel road, park, campground, or other firm and flat surface with sufficient space for parking. Our big truck occupies approximately three car-sized parking spaces.


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