Merry Dairy Music


This is the lists of lists. We love to add songs to this list, and it’s most likely the one you’ll be hearing when you visit 102 Fairmont!



Mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day? Whether those feelings are, belt them out in the Hungry Hearts/Lonely Hearts Valentines Day Playlist! #ValentinesForAll!


Remember Saturday morning classic TV? Ever find yourself with that ear-worm from a TV show from long ago? The Ice Cream for Breakfast Playlist brings together a collection of tunes suggested by the Saturday morning pajama crowd and Prime Time TV Land!



Created in December 2019, this list responded to this call for music that inspires a flavour suggestion!



An all-Canadian playlist fun for Canada Day or any other you want to celebrate great Canadian music!



Music inspired by moms! Suggested by moms and all who love their moms. Happy Mothers Day (like shouldn’t every day be Mother’s Day?)



Music inspired by Dads and Dad-like figures! Because they can be so inspiring! Happy Fathers Day, Dad!



#CoverMeOttawa – a list to chase away the snow-cover end-of-winter blues with dozens and dozens of great covers, all suggested by our amazing customers!


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