Great Scoops in Great Places

Dontcha just love libraries? Whether it’s the books, the periodicals, the free internet, or just the peace and quiet, libraries have been the treasures of society throughout the ages. Libraries are all around us – in our neighbourhoods, in cities, towns and in places of education. In short, libraries are just great places.


When we first published Great Scoops: Recipes from a Neighbourhood Ice Cream Shop, we were blown away by how many people made it part of their own households, getting it from us at 102 Fairmont or online, from their neighbourhood bookstore, from Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon,ca or


But there’s another great place for books – libraries.  And when we first published our book, our local (and amazing) Ottawa Public Library, let us know that they intended to stock Great Scoops. And that got us thinking- what if we started a program to stock Great Scoops at these great places and offered our books to libraries across Ontario.


So we did. And we learned that while many of the larger libraries – Toronto, London, and Ottawa and the like, stocked Great Scoops as part of their library acquisition program – many libraries in towns, First Nations communities and other parts of Ontario simply don’t have the funds to acquire lots of books.


So thanks to our publisher and printer, we were able to set aside a few books to offer to those places, and the map below is the result. For anyone who wants to make ice cream at home, or learn the story of an ice cream making business in a city that has winter for half of the year, this book is our contribution to that interest.


If you see your library on this map, then go visit it and check out Great Scoops! Or just go visit it! They are all amazing places, and we had the good fortune to hand deliver many of these books!


Don’t see your library listed? Or do you work at a library and would like to see Great Scoops on your great shelves? Just fill out the form below the map, and we’ll figure out a way to get you a copy, whether you are in Ontario, Canada or somewhere else!


And to all the libraries everywhere – thank you for being a great place! We raise a scoop to you!


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