Stout and Molasses

Soy free

Deep and rich stout beer with not-too-sweet molasses. Very classy.


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Hello you. You're the one who is not like the others. You are a little less sweet than the others, but rich you are in flavour. You shine whether or not you wear a Canadian tuxedothe Lumberjacket, or are just getting ready to dress for winter. You march to an Ottawa beat, and on a blustery evening, you might just find yourself at the Tooth & Nail for a glass of stout. If any of that makes sense, then this ice cream flavour may be for you. Less sweet but richer, just as advertised, with small rewards of flourless chocolate cake throughout, Stout & Molasses says my stout is my business, and my business is my business. So scoop a bowl, and know that from your point of view, there is no world outside of stout. 


Premium Dairy Base (Fresh cream, sugar, skim milk powder, egg yolk, guar gum, locust bean gum, carrageenan), Guinness Stout, Molasses

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