L💌ve Letters*

  • The Merry Dairy Lonely Hearts Club 2021 edition is a love letter pandemic pick-me-up
  • A few sandwiches a day at-no-charge between now & Feb 14th will be available at the takeaway window for anyone looking for a sweet pick-me-up
  • And lots of Valentine Sandwiches are available at the window and at shop.themerrydairy.com
  • We’re also looking for your favourite Merry Dairy moment to include in The Merry Dairy Ice Cream Recipe Book that will be published in the spring of 2022! See below for details!

L💌ve Letters …

(*Note – This letter is best read while listening to the Lonely & Hungry Hearts Playlist)

They get written. They get kept. They get treasured. Sometimes, they even get burned. 

When they get kept, it’s because they’re special. Because they’re real … even if they sounded sappy them, and even sappier now.

A love letter is about we feel about ourselves, about someone else.

This year, especially this year, with all of us locked in, at home, it really feels like that song that is one of the world’s great earworms.

And for this year’s edition of The Merry Dairy Lonely Hearts Club, as we approach the un-celebrate-able anniversary of this pandemic, this Valentinian week is about sharing some love.

Love is many splendored things of course, but we’re going to simplify it this week and say that love is a cookie (but yes, of course, it’s more like a rose, but it can also be anything, right?).

Specifically, an ice cream cookie sandwich. 

How so?

We love ice cream cookie sandwiches. And all this week, we’re making them. Lots of them (including plant-based!). Mostly because we love them, but partly because we aren’t scooping yet, and won’t start until we are post lockdown. Sandwiches make takeout easy and peasy. And they’re perfect for deliveries too!

But back to love. Remember those grade school valentines cards? Some got a lot; some only got a few. Charlie Brown famously got none.

This pandemic is hard and for many, it’s harder than it’s ever been. So we’re asking for your help to bring a small pick-me-up in these isolating virtualized times.

So here goes. We need lovely thoughts. An original, anonymous note, no more than 75 words, (the shorter the better) that we can put on a sandwich, that someone, anyone, can pop by and pick up from our takeaway window. 

Send us your valentine words, to info@themerrydairy.com or via social media and we’ll put them on our sandwiches this week, And those sandwiches will be available all week long for anyone looking for a pick-me-up, anyone who may be feeling a bit blue, or whatever other lonely heart reason. They’ll also be for sale too and we also do gift deliveries for a custom label order 🙂

But what about the news?

Well … that’s about love letters too, but of a different sort! 🙂

When we opened our doors three years ago, on that clear moonlit night, we were smitten. Smitten with the idea of making ice cream for all – and from the day the first Merry Dairy truck made its first visits, to 102 Fairmont and a place, we have loved every moment 

Three years in and 80 ice cream flavours later, there will be a Merry Dairy cookbook that will be released in the spring of 2022 (hopefully, when we can all roam free again!).

While that book is under development now, it wouldn’t be complete without the stories of the people and their moments at 102 Fairmont, or at a truck event, or at home with a pint or two 🙂

Maybe it was a first visit by a special someone in your life, a birthday, or a day when feeling down turned around, or a favourite flavor, sundae, a name of the day, cone combo, or some other serendipity. 

We’d love to include as many stories as we can into this book – and every story selected will receive a complimentary copy of the book! And every story submitted will also receive a coupon for a free cone of their choice!

How to send this story in?

Just send an email to info@themerrrydairy.com with the story, including any photo, or social media links and we’ll get back to you with next steps.

Love is love 🙂

Ice Cream for Breakfast (@Home) in three easy steps!

Home. It’s a great word. Especially if you’re in the home stretch, or the one who keeps the home fires burning, a member of the home team, or ok boomer, you have kept a home computer.

As we enter the home stretch of winter, in this 2nd year A.C. (anno corono), you can bring home the bacon, er ice cream, as National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day at The Merry Dairy, becomes National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day *with* The Merry Dairy. That means – it’s a distanced, at-home Ice Cream for Breafkast Day – all across Ottawa!

And whether, as the songs go, you live in a Brick House, or in Apartment #9, Our House, whether it’s full of Madness, Young at heart, or Magnetic, My House, on a Country Road, or if it’s simply Almost Home, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, which marks the technical half-way point of winter, is at Home this year.

And this year, with a click of the mouse, help families from a local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa join in on the fun by adding a breakfast of homemade waffles, toppings and a host of breakfast inspired ice cream flavours!

All in three easy steps

Step 1: Peruse The Merry Dairy Ice Cream for Breakfast shop and check out all the breakfast flavours, choose a topping and then choose your waffles! And yes, gluten-free & plant-based options available! And if you can, choose a little bit extra to help others enjoy this moment at home.

Step 2: Then choose Friday night or early Saturday morning contact-less pickup or delivery at checkout!  And yes, it’s free delivery anywhere in the City of Ottawa! 

Step 3: Suggest your favourite TV theme song or favourite song about house or home for the National Ice Cream for Breakfast Saturday morning cartoons at home playlist in the comments below, or by tagging The Merry Dairy on your favourite social media site! One suggestion will be selected at random for a free breakfast ice cream bonanza! Then stream that playlist all morning long until you can’t bear it no more.

All that’s left is to enjoy Breakfast!






It’s the end of the year as we know it …

… and it’s time for us to say a huge thank you to the incredible gang that came in to work at 102 Fairmont day in and day out over the past nine months. From that initial shock of what the implications of the pandemic would mean to daily life at The Merry Dairy, to the adaption and resilience of a team of people who donned those masks and worked together to serve customers, solve problems as they arose, and to make, package, and deliver ice cream treats, a simple thank you.

So today is about them. It’s about pints and them. 97% of all pint proceeds sold today, Saturday, December 19, at our takeaway window or for pickup from our online shop will be shared among the members of this lovely team in recognition of the work they did.  (The other 3%? That goes to Orkidstra all month long!)

So, if you’re thinking of buying holiday pints and you want to make someone’s day, today is a good day to do that!

And whether or not you buy pints for pickup today, today we also say thank you to our customers near and far who have supported us over this year called 2020. Thanks to you we can say thank you to our team.

As we prepare for our final day of business for the year known as 2020, we will be closed on December 24 and will reopen on February 6th for National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Stay tuned for the distanced details on that!

Marlene and The Merry Dairy team 🙂

Halloween @ Home & @ One-Oh-Boo Scare-mont!

Due to so many scary addresses, the sign up for Halloween @ Home has been perilously paused in order to eerily ensure that distanced deliveries can be cravenly completed on Halloween night during the ambitiously allotted time period!


the Scary dairy halloween planner!



An apple for teacher?

A pick-me-up for the many educators and support staff – 25% off a gift card from The Merry Dairy!

Getting closer: A distanced update

This piece of art by local artist Stanley Wany (instagram.com/stanwany/) from @WallSpaceOttawa will soon be displayed proudly at 102 Fairmont. We couldn’t think of a more perfect image to represent for us the idea of life in this pandemic time.
We don’t know what the artist was seeking to convey, but for us, this is all about how we relate to each other and how much we are now doing it via laptops, tablets and phones. When local photographer @justinvl took this photo in 2017, who could have predicted what was to come…
But it arrived. And thanks to amazing partners like @Shopify and local designer & digital specialist @ALL_CAPS, The Merry Dairy became a pickup and delivery shop, delivering all over Ottawa and picking up at 102 Fairmont with cars on the left and bikes and feet on the right!

What is re-opening when a wave 2 is a possibility? Like many, it’s gradual. We keep going with masking, constant hand-washing & sanitization, distancing. and a takeout window. Local artist Devin from our Colour Your Cone contest shows us how.



Starting Sunday, June 14th at 2pm, there will be a change to how we operate to balance re-opening with continued distancing. The first is that The Merry Dairy pickup window will be opening that day serving the same takeaway menu as what’s online at shop.themerrydairy.com!

(no scoops yet!)


That means that the standing outside of the shop will be a little different and to help, soon there will be distancing circles on the ground (like @twister only without the twisting). Blue is for picking up pre-orders. And red is for takeaway on the spot.
The tables will need to remain unused. Local artist Mary Richardson shows us how (mostly)!
But what about the scoops?? Not yet! 🙂 We’ll need to get used to the window, and the flow of people around the shop. For now, it’s the online menu of pints, sandwiches, Merry Pops, & cakes, with the difference being that we can better serve walkups!
The painting above was a work by local artist Lauren (instagram.com/oeuvresparlaur…). As summer rolls on, our trucks will also be brought back into service – one in our lot serving soft serve, one doing deliveries and one always at a remote, yet soon-to-be-disclosed, location …
And here’s to #613Day, held annually on June 13th (6/13!)

To mark the day, welcome Sailor Dude, (instagram.com/trp613/) whose favourite flavour vegan chocolate & salted toffee is available Sat for pre-order beginning at 2pm with an extra free Sailor Dude sticker included with each order!



Pickup and Delivery – How it works!

Updates – April 17, 2021

Online orders at shop.themerrydairy.com only with pickup and delivery options! (No scoops or sales at the takeaway window).

To make sure everything runs smoothly, the process is outlined below.

You will receive an email or text when your order is filled and ready for pickup or delivery.

Same-day Pickups & Next-day Deliveries

The inside of our shop is remains closed due to COVID-19, but the full range of products are now available at The Merry Dairy’s new takeaway window.

  • Same day walk-up pickup 3pm-8pm Tue-Sun
  • Vehicle drive-thru open 3-8pm Tue-Sun
  • Next-day delivery Wed-Sat between 3-8pm anywhere in Ottawa
  • Order before 2pm for next-day delivery
  • Contactless
  • Minimum $35 order for delivery
  • Closed Mondays and Sundays


Pick up at our shop at 102 Fairmont Ave between 3pm-8pm Tue to Sun. Pick up your order at the back door of 102 Fairmont – see below. 


Walking & Biking Pickup

  • Please maintain safe social distancing (6 feet) while waiting outside
  • Enter via Gladstone Street side
  • Look for the signs for “The Back Door” to pickup your order
  • Send a text to 613-912-2979* with order number & name used to place order. Click here to text us!
  • We will pass your order to you

Driving Pickup

  • Enter the parking lot from Fairmont Ave
  • Send a text to 613-912-2979 with order number, name used to place order, and colour & make of vehicle. For example: #157897, Smith, blue Jeep. Click here to text us!
  • Follow signs around to back door
  • We will bring your order to your car
  • Exit slowly around onto Gladstone Ave

*this number is only for texts and cannot receive incoming calls.


  • We deliver Wednesday to Saturday between 3-8pm. Order by 2pm for next-day delivery!
  • We will drop the order off on your front step or as per other delivery instructions on your order (ie, cooler, lobby, side-door, buzzcode)
  • If you are inside an apartment or condo please leave a buzzcode or other contact instructions, ie mobile #,. We will meet you outside of the building, or leave in the building lobby
  • If you are not available to accept delivery of your order, it will be returned to our shop for pickup and you will be notified

NOTE: truck deliveries are not available during the winter. Thanks for a great season and see you on the road again in the sping

TRUCK DELIVERY (now available)

  • We deliver Wednesday to Saturday between 3-8pm
  • The truck will remain at your location for up to 10 minutes for photos etc – please respect distancing protocols! 😷
  • The truck can deliver anywhere in Ottawa. Rates are determined by postal code distance away from 102 Fairmont Ave
  • To reserve truck, choose ‘Truck Delivery’ at the pickup/delivery checkout option
  • Requests for catered events, ie, serving ice cream/soft serve should be send to events@themerrydairy.com.

Let’s Get Physical … (Distancing)


Hello Ottawa!


We’re back. From a distance. Beginning Wednesday, April 1, we’re getting with the curve and beginning physical distancing with pint and sandwich parking lot back-door pick up and same-day home delivery! Please note that our scoop shop remains closed until further notice.


That means you can order from TheMerryDairy.com and either set up a time to come on foot, by bike or by car for back door pick-up or if you have a minimum $35 order, we will bring your order to any address in the City of Ottawa!


While there will not be scooped ice cream for the foreseeable future, contactless pickup and delivery is our new reality. We appreciate your patience in advance for any kinks or delays and we will work to stay in touch with you every step of the way!


How will pick up work?


Our front entrance will remain closed. All of our pickups will happen from our back entrance, where we will place an order in the truck of your car, or leave outside for you to pick up?


When you order online, you will see a choice for pick up or home delivery. If you choose to pick up, you will receive an email when your placed and then a second email when your order is fulfilled! Once you receive the second email, you can pick up your order anytime on foot during our reduced business hours (Tues-Sun noon-9pm or by car drive-thru from noon-2pm) by coming to 102 Fairmont and observing the physical distancing signs for cars, bike or on foot pickup. Simply text us at 613-912-2979 when you arrive and give us your last name and car make/model is applicable, and we’ll pop out with your order!


How will you make sure my ice cream doesn’t melt?!


By texting us once you arrive, we can make sure that your order goes from our freezer to you as quickly as possible. Then it’s up to you to get that ice cream home as quickly as possible!


How will delivery work?


Pick the delivery option at our online checkout! We deliver between 3 and 7pm from Wednesday to Sunday! Please make sure you enter your mobile number when your order so that when we arrive at your door we can text you to come out to our truck to pick up your order (this counts for houses and apartment buildings!) Your order will be handed out to you from the truck!


What if I’m not home?


We get it. We have a three-hour window, and even though we’re all staying home these days, you might just be out when you arrive. After we text, we will wait for about five minutes. If you’re not there, we will keep your order frozen and bring it back to our shop at 102 Fairmont, where you can pick it up (see above for pick up details!)


What flavours do you have? 


Our pint and ice cream sandwich choices are constantly updated, but supplies are always limited. If you don’t see your favourite flavour, that means it’s sold out! We will be making small batches every day and will always update our choices online!


How are you practicing social distancing at your workplace?


Our team is everything to us, which means that working at 1o2 Fairmont is also physically distant. When possible, we will only have one employee working in production and in order fulfilment. When we have more than one person, we have the two-metre rule. And we clean, clean, clean, clean, clean all the time!


The Great St. Paddy’s Day Poetry Tag …

This is a picture of a St. Paddy's Day cake that can be won if you enter The Merry Dairy's poetry tag contest!

What is the rhyme of our time?

What makes us immerse in verse?


Why it’s The Merry Dairy’s first-ever … Poetry Tag!


Because St. Paddy’s Day is about all things Irish and one great Irish thing is poetry!


And one great thing about poetry is that we’re all a poet and probably don’t even know it!


So here’s a way to have a chance to win a Merry Dairy Shamrock Cake made up of layers of The Merry Dairy’s three St. Patrick Day flavours


☘️Happy-Go-Lucky (Charms)☘️
☘️Finnegans Wake (made with Irish Whiskey)☘️
☘️Irish Breakfast (Brown Bread & Orange Marmalade)☘️


How does it work?


Write a line, a verse or a stanza that would be part of the following poem … An Ode to Ottawa – Why do (or how can) I love thee?


The line, verse or stanza can be in any form – a rhyme, a limerick, iambic pentameter, haiku, a lowercase ee cummings sort of thing, or an ALLCAPS RANT! Happy, Sad, Funny, Beauty, or any other emotion!


Along with your poetry bit, tag a friend.


For every poem + tag, it’s one entry! Enter as often as you would like – each tag must be accompanied by an original poetry fragment.!





What is it about Valentines Day that makes it so … unloved?


Could it be that it’s about some but not all?


But what if Valentines Day could be for all?


On Valentines Day weekend, from noon on Friday, February 14 to 8pm on Sunday, February 16, it’s the Lonely (& Hungry) Hearts Club weekend at 102 Fairmont!


All weekend long on the Lonely Hearts Club wall, anyone can leave a cone for anyone else. Buy one cone and get a second cone that you can leave on the wall for anyone else.


Did you think someone else out there might like the same double scooped salted caramel and cookies and cream cone that you just bought? You can leave that cone on that wall for anyone else to claim when they come in.  Or maybe it’s an Earl Grey Sugar Plumped Fig Plant-Based with a side of Raspberry Sorbet that you and someone out there might also enjoy.


Of course, you can always choose to offer your cone from the Merry Dairy’s list of daily dairy and plant-based flavours to the one you’re with … all weekend long to the sounds of The Merry Dairy Lonely (and Hungry) Hearts Playlist!