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Ice Cream for Breakfast 2024!

Sat Feb 3 8am-noon at 102 Fairmont Three ways to enjoy! (easy, peasy and breezy)   1 – The Easy Way! Come on down to 102 Fairmont starting at 8am and get freshly made waffles (and yes gluten/free vegan option too) and top it with your choice of ice cream for breakfast flavours and our custom store-made toppings. Wear your PJs and get a… Read more »

Our new friend and a cookie sandwich celebration

Remember being a kid and making a new friend? Remember going to their house or them heading over to yours, and both of you being so excited just to hang out? Well … our new friend is Dolly … no, not that Dolly, though she is an amazing friend to so many! We’re talking about Hello Dolly Pastries, located on Wellington West and Irving,… Read more »

NAS (No Added Sugar)

A few years ago, Ottawa-based musician Allie Goodyear reached out to us with a jingle she wrote for The Merry Dairy. Titled, Ice Cream for All, it’s a catchy, fun way to describe the kinds of ice creams we make – all year round – nut-free, with dairy and vegan options. We loved the jingle so much, we turned… Read more »

Labelling Dad, Swirling Dad or Trucking Dad – It’s “Dad” time of year …

Fathers, Dads, Father-figures and Dad-bods – it takes all kinds to be a Dad, and what is most important of all is that all Dads are kind. And whether it’s the kindness of Fathers, or the goofiness of Dads, or just that day when you recognize someone in your life who has been there when you needed them, offering support and Dad-splaining advice … And if you’re in the need… Read more »

The Rhubarb Stalk Exchange is now open!

The Rhubarb Stalk Exchange will close on Wednesday, June 14 at 8pm!   Rhubarb. It not only defies this modern age of artificial intelligence; in fact it defines this age of artificial intelligence. Please meet Rhub the Rube. Rhub the Rube is the President of the Rhubarb Stalk Exchange. Very informative, slightly annoying, and obsessed with rhubarb. Ask Rhub… Read more »

Moms & AI & Ice Cream

Remember when you told your mom about a new friend? Your mom might have said, Have fun but play safe! And so, meet Murray, The Merry Dairy Flavour Chatbot! Murray is The Merry Dairy’s new friend, and Murray wants to help us celebrate Mothers Day! And remember when on Mothers Day morning, you might have concocted some treat, made up of whatever… Read more »

The Snow Pile and the Great Spring March

This is was the snow pile at 102 Fairmont. Its slow melt was tracked by PileVision (see video below) until the pile was suddenly removed due to an unscheduled contractor’s adjustment. Photos will be were posted (almost) daily to track our progress to spring. Guess the date and exact time that it will be fully melted away. The guess… Read more »

One week ago today …

If you can help, we’d love to say thank you   One week ago, on the coldest night of the year, a pipe burst in the Salus apartments on Scott Street. Damage was extensive and 40 people had to leave their homes and be sheltered elsewhere in our city.   The disruption to their lives is incomprehensible as they adjust to this shock… Read more »

A Proposal

Read the letters to the Canadian Dairy Commission, The Dairy Farmers of Canada and the Dairy Processors Association of Canada. Local Wholesale A proposal regarding shopkeeper-distributors under the Milk Act   For almost 60 years the Milk Act has existed to “stimulate, increase and improve the producing of milk within Ontario.” This proposal concerns the shopkeeper-distributor designation in the… Read more »

A thank you  (Part I)

There is no other way to say it except to simply say thank you. The past few days, while a blur, will over time, become a blip.  We will never forget the overwhelming support and goodwill from a community that included people from all across our amazing city, and from many other places too.   We want to thank… Read more »