Monthly Archives: June 2023

The Mint Exchange 2023 is now closed!

Thank you for all the mint!   It’s minting time. The backyard kind. The kind that can be turned into delicious mint treats like ice cream and sorbets!   How does it work?   Bring your mint at The Fairmont Canadian Mint at 102 Fairmont starting Wednesday, June 21st where it will be minted overnight into Merry Dairy credit following judging by… Read more »

Labelling Dad, Swirling Dad or Trucking Dad – It’s “Dad” time of year …

Fathers, Dads, Father-figures and Dad-bods – it takes all kinds to be a Dad, and what is most important of all is that all Dads are kind. And whether it’s the kindness of Fathers, or the goofiness of Dads, or just that day when you recognize someone in your life who has been there when you needed them, offering support and Dad-splaining advice … And if you’re in the need… Read more »