Ice Cream for Breakfast 2024!

Sat Feb 3 8am-noon at 102 Fairmont

Three ways to enjoy!

(easy, peasy and breezy)


1 – The Easy Way! Come on down to 102 Fairmont starting at 8am and get freshly made waffles (and yes gluten/free vegan option too) and top it with your choice of ice cream for breakfast flavours and our custom store-made toppings. Wear your PJs and get a free hot chocolate or coffee!


2 – The Peasy Way! Order for takeout from your choice of ice cream pints, waffles and toppings or build-your-own Ice Cream for Breakfast Box with fresh frozen waffles you can reheat at home. Pick up your order from our takeaway window!


3 – The Breezy Way! Get your ice cream for breakfast order or build-your-own breakfast box and get it delivered right to your order by our PJ delivery crew! Order now for delivery Saturday morning, or get a head start and get your order delivered starting January 31!

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