Party Coolers (2024)

This is a picture of turquoise retro cooler with a half tub of strawberry ice cream and a scoop, cups, and spoons.

Party Coolers are perfect for small events. Add a toppings bar and your guests can create their own custom sundae.

Perfect for smaller gatherings and if the trucks are booked. We supply the ice cream, you pick up a cooler with everything you need to serve and scoop it! Drop off the cooler on the same day or first thing next day and receive your deposit back!

*Please note that not all flavors are available at all times. Order must be finalized one week before.  A $150 deposit is required. The deposit is refunded upon return of all items included at the time of pickup (cooler, cold plate, and scooper)  *delivery of party coolers is not available between May and August.


$150 Includes the following and serves approximately 50 single scoops

  • Two flavours of ice cream
  • Cups, spoons, napkins for up to 50 guests
  • Cooler, cold plate, and a scoop

$225 Includes the following and services approximately 75 scoops 

  • Three flavours of ice cream
  • Cups, spoons, napkins for up to 75 guests
  • Cooler, cold plate, and a scoop

+ Toppings $80

Add on our toppings kit and create sundaes.  This kit includes our signature salted caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, rainbow sprinkles, and oreo cookies. Email to reserve a party cooler!


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