Be a Rhubarb Bard

Rhubarb ... How do I love thee ... Let me count the ways!


There are many with Rhubarb patches. Those with patches can trade their stalks for $RHUBCOIN$ 


There are many more who love Rhubarb and yet have no patch of their own. How to express one's love for this spring treat?


Why with a poem of course!


Give us your best Ode to Rhubarb! Be a Bard of the 'barb! Talk the talk, then stalk the stalk. 


We're looking for your best poem in three categories: Haiku, Freeform, and Sonnet before Jun 8!


All poems will be published on TheMerryDairy.comOne poet from each category will receive a Merry Dairy gift certificate with honourable mentions receiving Merry Dairy merchandise!


Enter your poem below!



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