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PF=Peanut Free | NF=Nut Free | V=Vegan | EF=Egg Free | GF=Gluten Free | SF=Soy Free | more info below

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Frozen Custard or Ice Cream or Ice Cream Cakes - all flavours except ...PF, NF,, GF, SFAll frozen custard and ice cream flavours are gluten and soy free except those that contain chocolate or inclusions containing gluten
... Chocolate, Mint Chip, Cherry Chip, Mexican Coffee, Peppermint Crackle, PF, NF, GFcontains soy lecithin
.... Cookies & Cream, Trash Panda, Butterscotch Brownie, Cookie Monster, Salted Malted Cookie Dough, PF, NFcontains soy lecithin
... Mr. Churritos, Applie PiePF, NF, SF
All vegan flavours except ... PF, NF, GF, SF, VAll vegan scoops except those that contain chocolate or inclusions containing gluten do not contain soy or gluten
Chocolate, Cherry ChipPF, NF, GF, V
ToppingsAllergen InfoOther info
Chocolate SaucePF, NF, GF, EF, SFmade with pure cocoa, which contains no soy lecithin
Salted CaramelPF, NF, GF, EF
Strawberry or RaspberryPF, NF, GF, V
Hot FudgePF, NF, GF, EFmade with pure cocoa, which contains no soy lecithin
Lemon CurdPF, NF, GF
SprinklesPF, NF, GF, V
"Joy" Wafer conesPF, NF, Vcontains soy lecithin
"Konery" flavoured waffle conesPF, NF, Vprocessed in a facility that also processes soy
Merry Dairy made gluten-free conesPF, NF, GF
Merry PopsAllergen InformationOther info
Dairy flavours - strawberries and cream, coffee except ...PF, NF, GF, EF
...cookies and creamPF, NF, GF, EF
Vegan flavours except ...PF, NF, GF, V
...cookies n coconut creamPF, NF, V
Additional info:

Nutritional and ingredient information for individual dairy and vegan flavours are listed at

Nuts: The Merry Dairy is peanut and tree-nut free which means that we do not use nuts in any of our products made on-site, and do not use any ingredients that contain nuts, and where possible are certified nut-free. We do not use ingredients that display a "may contain" statement. For ingredients that do not clearly have nut-free labelling on them, we research nutritional labels, ingredient statement and statements from the companies themselves regarding their allergen practices.

Vegan: All vegan scoops are made with a coconut (which is a berry 🙂 base, except for fruit-based sorbets. Separate scoops and wash are used for vegan scoops.

Soy: No soy is used as an added ingredient, however, flavours that contain chocolate contain soy lecithin. Products that contain cocoa, but not chocolate, do not contain soy lecithin. Wafer cones also contain soy lecithin in the vegetable based oil used on waffle irons. Some ingredients used as inclusions may have soy already as an ingredient. While we strive to minimize those, those ingredients are listed in nutritional labels at

Gluten: Several flavours do not contain gluten - see chart above for specific information. Gluten-free waffle cones are made in-store. Nutritional and ingredient is available at and by request at

Egg: Pasteurized egg yolk is used as part of our traditional recipe in small amounts.

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