The Snow Pile and the Great Spring March

This is was the snow pile at 102 Fairmont. Its slow melt was tracked by PileVision (see video below) until the pile was suddenly removed due to an unscheduled contractor’s adjustment.

Photos will be were posted (almost) daily to track our progress to spring. Guess the date and exact time that it will be fully melted away. The guess closest to the actual melted date and time without going over win a Mother’s Day cake! Two other Merry Dairy prizes will be awarded by selecting randomly from all entries received! Enter using the comments below. Entries due by midnight, Wednesday, March 22.

Congratulations to …

Grand Prize Winner – Mothers Day Cake 

Winner of “extra” Mothers Day Cake

 2nd prize – 3 pints

3rd prize – 2 pints
But wait, there’s more!
Over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Easter Weekend, there will be three more draws for a pint of ice cream! All who have already commented below are eligible. Didn’t enter back then? Well, it’s a contest extension!
In recognition of National Poetry Month, simply write your a poem about the snow pile, or snow, or just list your favourite poem in the comments below. Here’s our poem to get things started!
Love’s Loathsome Lament (For A Snow Pile)
Greeted so warmly when its first fresh flakes touch the ground
The snow is loved throughout December’s festive moments
And yet, as it piles, the love plies not.
Though it dwindles, melts and refreezes
A stubborn loathing sublimates as its hosts wait for the joy of its departing
And yet, the pile knows it will return, solstice in mind, summering as it does, elsewhere


Prizes will have been awarded as follows:

Grand Prize: Mothers Day Ice Cream Cake – awarded to the guess that is closest in date and time to the time the pile is officially declared gone by the panel of independent(ly minded) Merry Dairy judges!

Second Prize, to be drawn at random from all entries that guess the correct day the pile is declared gone.

Third Prize to be drawn at random from all entries, regardless of date or time.

See the entries below in the comments, and in social media responses below.






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Sarah G

Oops didn’t realize I had to leave a time too. April 6th at 4:06

Syeda Brathwaite

I didn’t realize I also needed the time. I’ll go with 2pm (April 13th)


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