Our new friend and a cookie sandwich celebration

Remember being a kid and making a new friend? Remember going to their house or them heading over to yours, and both of you being so excited just to hang out?

Well … our new friend is Dolly … no, not that Dolly, though she is an amazing friend to so many! We’re talking about Hello Dolly Pastries, located on Wellington West and Irving, where they’ve been making amazingly beautiful cookies with the most beautiful and fun designs for the past year.

And then we found out the most fun thing of all … we share birthdays!

And so, like all new friends, we are sharing our birthday with everyone!

And so beginning this Saturday, we will be celebrating this new friendship with a limited edition ice cream sandwich!

The sandwich will feature the Merry Dairy ice cream that you know and love, sandwiched between two of Hello Dolly Pastries, classic vanilla sugar cookies, one hand decorated – in an exclusive design for the big event! (And yes, there will be dairy & vegan/gluten-free options – of course, all peanut-free and nut-free!) 

So tune in to Hello Dolly Pastries Instagram page for the big cookie reveal, coming Wednesday, August 16th! 

You can get your own, beginning Saturday August 19th in person at either;

– Hello Dolly Pastries, located at 992 Wellington St. W, where they will have pre-packaged sandwiches to go

– The Merry Dairy, located at 102 Fairmont, where you can get your sandwich made on the spot with any ice cream flavour you like, including our special birthday cake frozen custard which we’ll be featuring all weekend long.”


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