The Merry Dairy Christmas Flavour List!


Check this list – check it twice! Here are what the Christmas flavours are all about! Found your favourites? Order them here! Want to gift them? Send to any address in Ottawa with free delivery with a minimum order!  Or maybe you’re here because you found an Elf on a Bench and you’re here to learn more about our holiday flavours! Welcome!



Reindeer Snacks Dairy and Reindeer Snacks Vegan 

A Merry Dairy flavour each made with Chocolate Sunflower Butter Cups that are loaded into a vegan chocolate base. And for our dairy flavour, it’s our premium vanilla dairy base, with truffle fudge swirled through the dairy base, loaded with the same Sunflower Butter Cups. And yes – the Sunflower Butter is nut and peanut-free! And each pint comes with its maraschino red nose on top!


Berry White Bliss (SF)
– a blissful combination of cream cheese and white chocolate, with a cranberry sauce swirl and chunks of blondie brownies … it’s that kind of holiday cheer!








Sugar Plum Fairy (V/GF/SF) – It’s a magical night when you bring this Christmas treat of fresh plum sauce dancing throughout a vegan gingerbread base, bringing a classical touch to your holiday stage!








Cranberry Orange Sorbet (V/GF/SF) – a fruit-based sorbet made with freshly squeezed orange juice, orange zest and cranberries, for that fresh finish after that Christmas, holiday, breakfast, lunch, or dinner feast! A must-have for any occasion!








Gingerbread (GF/SF) – Yes. It’s gluten-free and an evocative combination of all the warm spices of a ginger cookie like ginger, nutmeg, cloves and allspice, nestled with molasses and brown sugar.








Hot Cocoa (GF/SF) – that wonderfully winter-y taste of hot cocoa, frozen in time (and in pints and scoops), along with deliciously crunchy marshmallows to top your cups, er scoop, er, pint!








Vegan Peppermint Crackle (V/GF) – crushed candy cane straight from the nut-free candy factory in Hamilton, Ontario is twisted and turned into our creamy coconut base, and then mixed with mint and chocolate shards, yes shards, for that crackly crunch!








Peppermint Crackle (GF) – like its vegan coz, this flavour has our premium ice cream base with those crushed candy canes and chocolate shards!









Brandy & Eggnog (GF/SF) – Not a seventies holiday-themed disco supergroup, Brandy & Eggnog is as it sounds, the edge of Brandy, and the smooth beat of Eggnog with a  touch of Nutmeg, together celebrating the true meaning of holiday office party.








Santa’s Milk & Cookies – Ever leave a cookie for Santa? Each pint of Santa’s Milk & Cookies, brings with it a sugar cookie surprise when you open the pint and enjoy our classic cookies and cream flavour!








Baba Yaga Fruitcake (V/GF/SF) – Maybe you’ve heard of the Baba Yaga. Maligned, misunderstood, and often feared, the Baba Yaga lives as she wants and chooses who she helps. But the bottom line is that the Baba Yaga knows best, and the Baba Yaga Christmas Vegan Gluten-free Fruitcake Ice Cream comes from deep in the primordial forest when the Baba Yaga was banished there hundreds of years ago for even thinking that there could be vegan and gluten-free alternatives. Help end the misunderstanding of fruitcake and see Baba Yaga’s vision that includes six types of dried fruits soaked in cherry brandy and then mixed into a spiced coconut cream base. Perfect for your forest dwelling and your urban adventures, and just for those moments when you want to give a little fruitcake to a special someone. Baba Yaga says Eat Your Fruitcake!






Olive Oil & Orange (GF/SF) – Smooth and delicious, this perfect combo of premium olive oil and fresh oranges brings a light, and refreshing end or beginning to your holiday adventure. It’s like that unexpected Christmas gift that becomes your indispensable go-to … 








Rum & Raisin (GF/SF) – Get raisins. Soak raisins in Appleton’s Premium Rum. Mix into premium ice cream base. Whether you had this flavour in years gone by or are a recent convert, this is a lovely way to say Happy Holidays to your friends, your family, or just to yourself!








Krampus – Know anyone who might be feeling a little spicy or a little grumpy right about now? The Krampus is the other side of the holidays. One that brings a little trepidation and a little comeuppance this time of year.  Whether your Krampus appears during holiday dinners and get-t0gethers, or while you’re doing your Christmas shopping, or in the car for that long drive to visit family, this Krampus flavour, with its bittersweet malted dark chocolate base and spicy habanero butter brittle laced with Grape Nuts (to help deal with all forms of Krampus-ness). For the spicy and the grumpy, Krampus is our final Christmas flavour. Happy Krampus!

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