Graduating at a distance? Bring the celebration to your door!

What a year to graduate!


Looking for a distanced way to celebrate this momentous milestone? Here are three options!


1. Make it extra special with a custom-label graduation dairy or plant-based pint (for only $3 extra per pint). Upload a grad photo, or any other favourite photo from your student’s long scholastic career – add a custom message – and voila! It’s as good as an A+ on your report card!



2. Got a bubble of ten or so coming to celebrate? Get a graduation cake! For an extra $5, pick any dairy or plant-based cake from our in-stock supply and tell us what you want to be written on the cake, and we’ll do up your cake with gold ribbon and tassels in your school’s colours (tell us the colours please in the order comments!) If we don’t have your colours, we’ll use black tassels to signify the event. Add a custom label to boot for another $3!



3. And if you want to score bonus marks at this time of year, book delivery of either or both of the above with one of The Merry Dairy trucks as they arrive at your door playing the graduation song Pomp & Circumstance. Plus they’ll stay for up to ten minutes for photos! Different rates for different postal codes, but pick the truck and we’ll reach out with an approximate time of arrival between 4 and 7pm between Tuesday and Saturday!






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