The Great St. Paddy’s Day Poetry Tag …

This is a picture of a St. Paddy's Day cake that can be won if you enter The Merry Dairy's poetry tag contest!

What is the rhyme of our time?

What makes us immerse in verse?


Why it’s The Merry Dairy’s first-ever … Poetry Tag!


Because St. Paddy’s Day is about all things Irish and one great Irish thing is poetry!


And one great thing about poetry is that we’re all a poet and probably don’t even know it!


So here’s a way to have a chance to win a Merry Dairy Shamrock Cake made up of layers of The Merry Dairy’s three St. Patrick Day flavours


☘️Happy-Go-Lucky (Charms)☘️
☘️Finnegans Wake (made with Irish Whiskey)☘️
☘️Irish Breakfast (Brown Bread & Orange Marmalade)☘️


How does it work?


Write a line, a verse or a stanza that would be part of the following poem … An Ode to Ottawa – Why do (or how can) I love thee?


The line, verse or stanza can be in any form – a rhyme, a limerick, iambic pentameter, haiku, a lowercase ee cummings sort of thing, or an ALLCAPS RANT! Happy, Sad, Funny, Beauty, or any other emotion!


Along with your poetry bit, tag a friend.


For every poem + tag, it’s one entry! Enter as often as you would like – each tag must be accompanied by an original poetry fragment.!


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