L💌ve Letters*

  • The Merry Dairy Lonely Hearts Club 2021 edition is a love letter pandemic pick-me-up
  • A few sandwiches a day at-no-charge between now & Feb 14th will be available at the takeaway window for anyone looking for a sweet pick-me-up
  • And lots of Valentine Sandwiches are available at the window and at shop.themerrydairy.com
  • We’re also looking for your favourite Merry Dairy moment to include in The Merry Dairy Ice Cream Recipe Book that will be published in the spring of 2022! See below for details!

L💌ve Letters …

(*Note – This letter is best read while listening to the Lonely & Hungry Hearts Playlist)

They get written. They get kept. They get treasured. Sometimes, they even get burned. 

When they get kept, it’s because they’re special. Because they’re real … even if they sounded sappy them, and even sappier now.

A love letter is about we feel about ourselves, about someone else.

This year, especially this year, with all of us locked in, at home, it really feels like that song that is one of the world’s great earworms.

And for this year’s edition of The Merry Dairy Lonely Hearts Club, as we approach the un-celebrate-able anniversary of this pandemic, this Valentinian week is about sharing some love.

Love is many splendored things of course, but we’re going to simplify it this week and say that love is a cookie (but yes, of course, it’s more like a rose, but it can also be anything, right?).

Specifically, an ice cream cookie sandwich. 

How so?

We love ice cream cookie sandwiches. And all this week, we’re making them. Lots of them (including plant-based!). Mostly because we love them, but partly because we aren’t scooping yet, and won’t start until we are post lockdown. Sandwiches make takeout easy and peasy. And they’re perfect for deliveries too!

But back to love. Remember those grade school Valentine cards? Some got a lot; some only got a few. Charlie Brown famously got none.

This pandemic is hard and for many, it’s harder than it’s ever been. So we’re asking for your help to bring a small pick-me-up in these isolating virtualized times.

So here goes. We need lovely thoughts. An original, anonymous note, no more than 75 words, (the shorter the better) that we can put on a sandwich, that someone, anyone, can pop by and pick up from our takeaway window. 

Send us your valentine words, to info@themerrydairy.com or via social media and we’ll put them on our sandwiches this week, And those sandwiches will be available all week long for anyone looking for a pick-me-up, anyone who may be feeling a bit blue, or whatever other lonely heart reason. They’ll also be for sale too and we also do gift deliveries for a custom label order 🙂

But what about the news?

Well … that’s about love letters too, but of a different sort! 🙂

When we opened our doors three years ago, on that clear moonlit night, we were smitten. Smitten with the idea of making ice cream for all – and from the day the first Merry Dairy truck made its first visits, to 102 Fairmont and a place, we have loved every moment 

Three years in and 80 ice cream flavours later, there will be a Merry Dairy cookbook that will be released in the spring of 2022 (hopefully, when we can all roam free again!).

While that book is under development now, it wouldn’t be complete without the stories of the people and their moments at 102 Fairmont, or at a truck event, or at home with a pint or two 🙂

Maybe it was a first visit by a special someone in your life, a birthday, or a day when feeling down turned around, or a favourite flavor, sundae, a name of the day, cone combo, or some other serendipity. 

We’d love to include as many stories as we can into this book – and every story selected will receive a complimentary copy of the book! And every story submitted will also receive a coupon for a free cone of their choice!

How to send this story in?

Just send an email to info@themerrrydairy.com with the story, including any photo, or social media links and we’ll get back to you with next steps.

Love is love 🙂

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