It’s the end of the year as we know it …

… and it’s time for us to say a huge thank you to the incredible gang that came in to work at 102 Fairmont day in and day out over the past nine months. From that initial shock of what the implications of the pandemic would mean to daily life at The Merry Dairy, to the adaption and resilience of a team of people who donned those masks and worked together to serve customers, solve problems as they arose, and to make, package, and deliver ice cream treats, a simple thank you.

So today is about them. It’s about pints and them. 97% of all pint proceeds sold today, Saturday, December 19, at our takeaway window or for pickup from our online shop will be shared among the members of this lovely team in recognition of the work they did.  (The other 3%? That goes to Orkidstra all month long!)

So, if you’re thinking of buying holiday pints and you want to make someone’s day, today is a good day to do that!

And whether or not you buy pints for pickup today, today we also say thank you to our customers near and far who have supported us over this year called 2020. Thanks to you we can say thank you to our team.

As we prepare for our final day of business for the year known as 2020, we will be closed on December 24 and will reopen on February 6th for National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Stay tuned for the distanced details on that!

Marlene and The Merry Dairy team 🙂

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Nancy B

Thank you, The Merry Dairy, for being there for us these last many months. Your pints and cones have rallied our flagging spirits throughout this challenging and yes, horrible, year. We thank you and your incredible gang and wish you all a happy Christmas.


Thank you so much for these kind words. These will be shared with the team. Merry Christmas to you and all the best for a better 2021!


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