Holidays & Hunkering Down & Pints4OurTeam

This is a screenshot of a staff call announcing our hunkering down

Some of The Merry Dairy team that were on a video call on Monday, December 20, 2021 learning about our hunkering down. We wish you a Merry Christmas!


We love the holiday season. It’s a chance to have fun, make fun flavours and do fun things. This year we got to work with partners in the community like OrKidstra, and with the Ottawa Professional Firefighters Association, and the Golden Knights Hockey Association in fun fundraising efforts!


What we don’t love is Omicron. And as many have said, the virus doesn’t care. And while we do not have workplace cases of Covid, there are just too many people with too many instances of contact or possible contact. 


To limit contact as much as possible, we have decided to stop scooping and end ice cream production starting today. Unfortunately, that also means the end of the name of the day contest, which was to run until Dec 23. We promise we’ll make up the days sometime in the new year!


But we can still make it special for a few special someones – and those people are Merry Dairy team members, many of whom are also completing high school semesters or finishing post-secondary exams. Beginning today and lasting until our holiday flavours sell out, 97% of all sales of our in-stock holiday pints will be shared among our team members. (And the other 3%? That goes to OrKidstra!).


Pickups and deliveries will continue as scheduled until December 23. Pickups will take place at our takeaway window between noon and 8pm until December 23 and deliveries will be between 3 and 7pm (weather permitting) today as well until December 23.


But the Grinch never really stole Christmas. Cindy-Lou Who reminded us of that on Christmas morning. Here’s to happiness wherever we find it this holiday season.

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