Going Grey (Cup) this weekend? Three flavours to cheer for!

Planning a Grey Cup shindig this Sunday?


Big or small, add a pint of Double Blue and Rocky Mountain so that East meets West in one of Canada’s great traditions! And then bring opposing sides together with a pint of Canada150 Maple Bacon! Enjoy all three pints for a special price of $22.  Available for purchase online or pick up the store.  $8 for individual pints.


Eastern fan? Try Double Blue! Wild blueberries and serviceberries from the lush Ontario landscape are a two point convert, quarterbacked with a strong lemon zest.


Western fan? Try Rocky Mountain – a specialty team combination play of dark chocolate, fudge swirl, marshmallows, and Oreos.


And bring it all together with the #Canada150 Maple Bacon finale as you relive memories of Ottawa Grey Cups from days gone by with Henry Burris, Russ Jackson and Tony Gabriel!


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