Getting closer: A distanced update

This piece of art by local artist Stanley Wany ( from @WallSpaceOttawa will soon be displayed proudly at 102 Fairmont. We couldn’t think of a more perfect image to represent for us the idea of life in this pandemic time.
We don’t know what the artist was seeking to convey, but for us, this is all about how we relate to each other and how much we are now doing it via laptops, tablets and phones. When local photographer @justinvl took this photo in 2017, who could have predicted what was to come…
But it arrived. And thanks to amazing partners like @Shopify and local designer & digital specialist @ALL_CAPS, The Merry Dairy became a pickup and delivery shop, delivering all over Ottawa and picking up at 102 Fairmont with cars on the left and bikes and feet on the right!

What is re-opening when a wave 2 is a possibility? Like many, it’s gradual. We keep going with masking, constant hand-washing & sanitization, distancing. and a takeout window. Local artist Devin from our Colour Your Cone contest shows us how.



Starting Sunday, June 14th at 2pm, there will be a change to how we operate to balance re-opening with continued distancing. The first is that The Merry Dairy pickup window will be opening that day serving the same takeaway menu as what’s online at!

(no scoops yet!)


That means that the standing outside of the shop will be a little different and to help, soon there will be distancing circles on the ground (like @twister only without the twisting). Blue is for picking up pre-orders. And red is for takeaway on the spot.
The tables will need to remain unused. Local artist Mary Richardson shows us how (mostly)!
But what about the scoops?? Not yet! 🙂 We’ll need to get used to the window, and the flow of people around the shop. For now, it’s the online menu of pints, sandwiches, Merry Pops, & cakes, with the difference being that we can better serve walkups!
The painting above was a work by local artist Lauren (…). As summer rolls on, our trucks will also be brought back into service – one in our lot serving soft serve, one doing deliveries and one always at a remote, yet soon-to-be-disclosed, location …
And here’s to #613Day, held annually on June 13th (6/13!)

To mark the day, welcome Sailor Dude, ( whose favourite flavour vegan chocolate & salted toffee is available Sat for pre-order beginning at 2pm with an extra free Sailor Dude sticker included with each order!


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Hi and thank you for your question!

The cost depends on a number of factors, for example, location. There is generally a delivery and service fee. The request form is here: – and all events are subject to public health considerations.

There is a second option too which is to have a truck delivery an online order to a location. The truck does delivery only and does not serve cones. That option is listed here!


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