Easter Treats, Trash Pandas & #CoverMeOttawa …

Could there be anything better than the anticipation of an Ottawa spring? Melting snow, the first crocus bloom, and critters … lots and lots of critters … 


Some of those critters are more famous than others. One of them, Bert the Raccoon, had its origins right here in Ottawa!


Over the years, the raccoon has become known as the Trash Panda, for obvious reasons, as this article explains


And so, inspired by spring and critters, a new flavour was born … made of Oreo cookies, malted fudge ripple, raspberry swirl and Rold Gold pretzels … brought to life by local illustrator Allie MacAllister and now available at 102 Fairmont in scoops or pints and online!



On to #CoverMeOttawa! For some time, YOW Weather Records has been pointing out that Ottawa’s snow cover is record-breaking …



In honour of that, uh, feat, #CoverMeOttawa was born – a playlist of favourite covers with entries being eligible to win a Merry Dairy Easter Egg Ice Cream Cake … with the idea that we could beat the number of snow cover days with the number of cover songs in this playlist. And (hopefully!) that’s been done with a playlist that is now over 180 songs strong! 


Entries are open until draw time, Sunday, April 14th at 8pm. Enter your cover in the comments below! Want to hear the playlist? Search #CoverMeOttawa on Spotify or Google Play Music!



And what about those Easter treats? Add your cover to #CoverMeOttawa in the comments below for a chance to win your choice or an Easter Egg Ice Cream Cake or a Sweet Lemon Easter Pie!




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Veronica Hoch

Despacito – Madilyn Bailey
Btw I’m obsessed with covers !!! Thank you for this new playlist!

Darren Wardle

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – George Thorogood and the Destroyers
Originally performed by John Lee Hooker

Paul Hempel

Please add a beautiful cover rendition of 500 Miles by Alejandra Ribera to the Merry Dairy list.


And while we’re at it, Bow Wow Wow’s cover of I Want Candy. That will get your Monday going…


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