Canada Day at The Merry Dairy (great for kids, pets and hoomans of all kinds …)

To roam, or not to roam: that is the Ottawa question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to remain at home and suffer the slings and arrows of Parliament Hill FOMO, Or to lock arms toward a sea of humanity, And by venturing forth, join them?


No matter how this question is answered for those in the city on Canada Day, for the roaming or the home-ing, it’s Canada Day at The Merry Dairy with the Canada Sundae, a confederation of Merry Pop flavours, a charter Lemon Italian-(Canadian) Ice, a provincial raspberry cheesecake and hoochie-poochie puppy pops, and our distinct soft serve from the truck from three o’clock on.


With water dishes for the pups, and a misting fan for the kids and hoomans alike, enjoy The Merry Dairy Canada Day playlist stuffed with tunes of all kinds from Canadians of all kinds. (And more suggestions for tunes welcome in the comments below!)


And while you’re at it, drop a ballot into the bowl to win this official Adidas World Cup Soccer Ball, courtesy of DiSalvo Sports and their new soccer superstore at 1625 Bank Street. … Go (insert your favourite remaining country here … )!

It’s Canada Day at The Merry Dairy

The Sunday Canada Day Canada Sundae



One of the confederation of Merry Pop Flavours!



A Charter of Lemon Italian (Canadian!) Ice 🙂


lemon 🍋 ☀ #dairyfree #lemon #heatwave

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Raspberry Cheesecake to join these provinces of flavours!


Batman vs Superman …


Batman vs Superman ll. Puppy Pops Battle #benaffleck #henrycavill #ottawa

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Soft serve distinctly served …



We all need goals …


And available all summer … The ChocoMAX!


And yes, thanks to the misting fan, it will be misty ….


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