Breakfast at The Merry Dairy Saturday February 3 @ 8am

Started by a mom in Rochester, NY at the mid-point of winter, National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is, according to Wikipedia now celebrated in countries all over the world including Canada, Nepal, Namibia, Germany, New Zealand, Honduras, China and Israel.


Whether it’s six more weeks of winter or not, The Merry Dairy reopens on February 3! Come on down between 8 and 2pm for a waffle topped with a scoop of one of our breakfast inspired flavours listed below.


And if you wear your PJs enjoy a free hot chocolate or coffee!


oatmeal & brown sugar | lemon poppy seed | banana chocolate chunk |maple with candied bacon | chocolate | strawberries and cream | Grape Nuts (neither grapes, nor nuts but crunchy, crunchy, crunchy!) | cinnamon toast


Fresh Waffles! 

 and …

mimosa ice pops (fresh squeezed OJ with champagne … for the adults)

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