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Over the past two months or so, passersby of 102 Fairmont would have noticed a whole bunch of construction as we replaced an old basement floor and reinforced our foundation. While almost all of that work is done, the last part of that work opens up an opportunity to bury a time capsule on the front stoop of The Merry Dairy!

It will remain underground for at least 25 years and we’d love help in adding items! What sort of items? They need to be small enough to fit in a moderately sized container 🙂 They should be memorable and fun items. These can be photos of your neighbourhood, drawings, a piece of technology, a mixtape, a magazine or newspaper, a letter to the future, or your own list of your questions for a future generation to ponder!

But wait! 25 years is an awfully long time, even for adults. So what about a second time capsule? One that gets opened a little sooner, like say after a year, just to see what’s changed, and also for anyone who might want to reclaim their items! This time capsule would not be buried in concrete, but would be kept at The Merry Dairy and opened during March break next year! 

We’ll entomb the time capsule later in early April 🙂

Wondering what to bring? We’ll post a photo album here of all items receieved! In the meantime, here are a few sites for inspiration!

How to Create a Time Capsule
How to Make a Time Capsule for Kids
Time Capsule ideas


And finally … 




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