2019 in two minutes & 24 hours of musical flavours to 2020!



At 102 Fairmont or by a Merry Dairy truck, 2019 was all about walking on sunshine or was it about the rhythm of the night, or maybe it was travelling down an old town road on your superbike, or the lovely Merry Dairy theme song composed by Allie Goodyear, music made the year!


It was a year of playlists …


The Fathers Day 2019 Playlist – on Google Play on Spotify

Mothers Day at The Merry Dairy – on Google Play on Spotify

The Merry Dairy Canada Day Playlist – on Google Play on Spotify

#CoverMeOttawa! on Google Play on Spotify






So for this year’s $5 thank you, for the next 24 hours until noon, Sunday, December 29, 2019, fill out the form below and name a song, any song, any decade, any genre, that you think would be a great name for an ice cream flavour (dairy or vegan!) and why and even what could be in the flavour (hopefully nut-free because we’re nut-free!). For example, Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys, or maybe Bye Bye Mon Cowboy by Mitsou*.  (*please suggest other songs :)!


So .. here’s how to claim your $5 gift certificate in three easy steps, in the next 24 hours …


Step 1: Decide what song would make a great flavour and why
Step 2: Fill in the form below or here!


Your gift certificate will be emailed to you the weekend of January 4th! It will have no expiry date and can be used at 102 Fairmont or at a Merry Dairy Truck event!


And thank you for helping raise over $800 to support Orkidstra during the month of December – an amazing community organization that opens up musical worlds of possibilities for kids all over Ottawa!







See you February 1, 2020, for National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!

And here are the suggested flavour songs!






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