Soooo…. what’s YOUR overrun? Or, is there too much air in here??

Overrun … it’s not when you jog past your limits ….

It’s an ice cream industry term

for the amount of air that’s put into the ice cream base as it’s being turned into ice cream. The higher the overrun, the more air that’s in your ice cream. Ever had ice cream that tastes a little bland? Especially the soft-serve kind? It might be because, because there’s high degree of overrun, apart from other factors such as artificial ingredients.

The Merry Dairy has low overrun. This our frozen custard denser than standard ice cream, and enhances what the industry calls “mouth feel” or smoothness.

Ok – enough of the technical explanations! How about just a picture of chocolate frozen custard … 🙂

Tonight: Milk chocolate frozen custard 😊 #buyfood2givefood

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