Setting up shop in Hintonburg

Just over five years ago, my family and I trundled down to southern Pennsylvania to check out a Grumman Stepvan with the intention of bringing frozen custard to Ottawa. This was after a decade of living and working in the US, and sampling frozen custard as we travelled the country.

In those five years, that truck has become The Merry Dairy. I have been overwhelmed by how this community has welcomed this plucky little truck into its neighbourhoods, community events, fundraisers, and corporate events.

I believe ice cream and all frozen treats can make people happier because it brings people together.

Keeping The Merry Dairy mobile, stocked with fresh frozen custard so that it can deliver that happiness has meant a variety of production arrangements over the years in a variety of places.

As much as we roamed, we also needed a home base.

And that base is Hintonburg – home to a wonderful, diverse and supportive community, centrally located and lots of fun. When opportunity knocked late last year in the form of the sale of the iconic Fairmont Confectionery, located at 102 Fairmont Avenue, and its beloved Sam’s Cafe, it was time.

If you’ve been by lately, you will have seen some early signs of a new beginning for this wonderful landmark of customer service and local character.

Over the next eight weeks, a lot of work will be done so that we can be open by the summer. If you’re interested in seeing how an ice cream home is made, you can follow the progress on The Merry Dairy Instagram page.

They say that life is one long journey in understanding yourself and finding your road. It’s turned out my road leads to Hintonburg, and all points beyond.

Marlene ….

PS – wondering what some really neat ice cream shops and trucks are that inspire The Merry Dairy? Check out the amazing people and stories at The Dairy Godmother in Delray, Virginia, The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in NYC, JPs Custard Cart in Albuquerque, Carmen’s Italian Ice in Rockville, Maryland, Kloters Ice Cream Barn in Ellington, CT and Ted Drewes Frozen Custard in St. Louis, MO. These are just a few. There are so many many more!

PPS – yes – there will be a neighbourhood grand opening party and you are all invited. Details to come … 😉


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