Floors, Doors and Power

So much has been happening at 102 Fairmont, with decisions about lights, flooring, awnings, tile, spacing, and ice cream flavours all happening at the same time. We are still making frozen custard too!

Here are some highlights of the changes that have been happening at the shop on Fairmont.

Last week Lloyd (he is the one who is making everything come together) leveled the floor by using a laser level. He had to cut many strips of wood, all different measurements, and nail them across the width of the floor so that when the new floor is laid, the fridges, freezers and ice cream machines will sit level.


How to level a floor

Next, and probably most important of all, we had to bring more power into this lovely, old building via a trench from the closest power pole.  On Tuesday, they dug a trench and ran a line through to the basement, right where the coal chute used to be.  Now there is a new electrical panel with 400 amps of power so that everything can run and we won’t trip a breaker each time we turn on more than one machine at once.  Ice cream machines take a lot of power!


digging a trench to bring 400 amps – that’s not Lloyd!

While this was happening on the outside and in the basement,  electricians were also busy inside the building running lines throughout the shop floor, rewiring the knob and tube wiring in the apartment upstairs, and making sure that there will be enough lighting evenly spaced throughout the shop and there are enough outlets to run all the equipment.


Wiring for everything

And remember how we discovered that the front door had been moved from the center to the right, probably sometime in the 70s?  Now it is our turn in history to alter a building and we are moving the back door from the left side to the center. We are changing it to allow for a better placement of the walk-in fridge and freezer.

A new, wider door

Finally, we have been busy making mojito and strawberry rhubarb Merry Pops!  And we received our shipment of the most delicious artisanal cones from The Konery in Brooklyn.  Creamsicle, Salted Blue Corn, and Birthday Cake will be on the menu for Westfest next weekend June 2-4th. Hope to see you there.  It’s free, it’s at Laroche Park and there is going to be a great line-up of musicians!

Creamsicle cone from The Konery!

Strawberry Rhubarb Ice pops

merry pops ice pops

Mojito ice pops!

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