Driving slowly for the rush …

rushThe Rush …

When it’s all about the joy

I often get asked about the cover shot on The Merry Dairy’s Facebook page and every time I do, it reminds me of one of the parts of The Merry Dairy I love the most – that instant when a group of kids rush out to the truck!

It’s an exercise in driving very slowly and deliberately just to make sure a little one’s enthusiasm doesn’t overtake the safety rules their parents have been trying to instill in them!

But that rush is such a joy for me, and I hope for the kids and their parents too – whatever the occasion or reason.  Today was another such

example as the truck pulled into Parkdale Park to say hello on a beautiful sunny day 🙂

I am no kid expert, even with my own two, but thinking back when I was that age, I think what makes it so much fun is that for a kid, the truck is about surprise, randomness, and being the special ones for that moment in time.

The kids will learn over time that it is someone’s hard work that pays for an ice cream cone. (Do they learn that as teenagers? lol) But until then, it is just great to be a part of some happiness and joy and maybe even a memory or two.

And speaking of happiness and joy, if you have a Merry Dairy buy one get one free coupon, we have extended those until July 31. And if you want to spread that joy to your own friends and family, send them this email, so they can get the same deal too when they subscribe.


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