Ice Cream Team Member!

This position can be a lot of things. One thing is – it’s seasonal! These positions start up as it warms up and people can begin working as early as April and continue on through September and October. The busiest times are May to September and that’s when the team is hopping and humming (and cleaning, and serving, and catering, whether at 102 Fairmont, in one of the trucks or at a special event like a wedding!)


There are three great things about this job – the customers and the products and the other people you work with. As a member of this team, you will be a part of that great feeling – getting to know everything about our homemade, nut-free premium ice cream dairy and plant-based products. You will meet the loveliest of people from around the neighbourhood, around the city and beyond!


And yes – you will scoop ice cream! And make milkshakes. And make ice cream sandwiches. And fill pints. Make gluten-free waffle cones. And take part in lots of special days, events and promotions (see our social media and YouTube Music lists) And, yes, you will clean!  Cleanliness matters – but it is fun, and it all can be learned and that is what makes it great too. Did we mention there’s cleaning? And there are rules about things like hair nets, and other things that support the cleanliness and follow what the City of Ottawa Health Department needs all of us to do!


So, whether or not you’ve got a lot of experience, what we really want is a lot of you! So take the time to look at the questions below and answer them in a way that you would want to hire you – and don’t forget to upload your CV!


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The applying part!

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