Delivery and/or Ice Cream Truck driver!

The Truck. It’s what started The Merry Dairy back in 2012 when the first truck trundled across the friendly streets of Hintonburg, Mechanicsville, Wellington West, Westboro, Centretown, Vanier, and everywhere else … And we’ve been truckin’ since then, all over our fair city …

Also available, deliveries made with a Transit Van or Prius. Apply for either or both! CVOR training provided.

So if you like to drive … and are at least 25, have a license that’s clean and a sunny disposition and can set up, clean up, drive, park, serve, and smile … then apply to be a driver  ….

Fill out the form below and go everywhere .. and while you’re filling out that form … think of all the places you’ll go and people you’ll meet! And take a listen to these versions of this great song …




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Sorry! This job has expired.
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