14 days at 102 Fairmont …

Two weeks ago tonight The Merry Dairy opened its doors at Fairmont and Gladstone, marking a new chapter in The Merry Dairy’s journey that began five years ago.

One thing has made the past two weeks so special, not to mention the past five years, has been all the Merry Dairy “portraits” taken by our customers.

To mark those first 14 days, here are 14 (or so!) wonderful Instagram posts from some of those customers. And stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter and our web site for details about the Fairmont Sundae Social celebration, happening September 17 at the store. And there are so many people to thank – from the amazing team at Bridgestone Construction, to Spruce Design, and Brandbot Digital Marketing, and many more.

And our biggest thanks to everyone who has taken the time and come by The Merry Dairy over the past two weeks!

14 posts for 14 days

Beautiful reflection!

Joy 🙂

Merry Dairy goofs

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Our teriffic staff!


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We love team meetings!

Awesome family shot!


Making Gluten-Free waffle cones!

A lovely family stops by

Ending the night with ice cream and this friendly family! Goodnight ottawa 🌙

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Love the blues!

Thank you for the Salus shoutout!

National Frozen Custard Day @ #merrydairy – 50 cents of every purchase today goes to #Salus ✊

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Konery in Blue!

Dairy so merry. (Midwestern custard + lemon curd + blue corn cone)

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Right back at ya!

Enjoying the moment!

Post-splash pad hangs with cousins, @shaninjaye and all the frozen custard! Today was such a blast. 😍

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Thank you to Ottawa blogger Kathy Bell, for her idea for the theme of this post, and who took this lovely picture.

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