Track that Truck!

Dates, times & locations are subject to change based on a myriad of factors, including weather. Stay tuned to this page for the latest information, download the Street Food App or follow @TheMerryDairy on Twitter!:)





PS – I know what you did last summer … 


Whether it’s soft serve from Tues-Sun 3-9pm at the original Merry Dairy Truck at 102 Fairmont, or it’s tracking our new truck down at a postal code popup, this is your source for where the truck is during the summer of 2021.

Got a place you’d like us to visit for an hour or so? Drop us a line, and maybe your suggestion will be our next postal code pop-up!




Jul 7 – K1Y at Scott St & Stirling Ave
Jul 11 – K4R 1B3 at the Russell Community Market
Jul 13 – K1R at Chaudière Park, K1N at Bingham Park & K1K at Manor Park Community
Jul 16 – K1P at Queen & O’Connor, K2P at St Luke’s Park & K1M at Stanley Park
Jul 21 – Metcalfe Fairgrounds
Jul 22 – K0A 2Z0 at Richmond & K0A 2T0 at North Gower
Jul 27 – K1Z at Clare Gardens Park, K2A at Rowanwood Ave & K2B at Frank Ryan Park
Jul 28 – K1N CHEO Vaccination Clinic at the Minto Community Centre
Jul 29 – K2G at Extendicare Starwood
Jul 30 – K0A 2W0 at the Osgoode Community Centre, K4M at the Manotick Arena & K0A 2E0 at the Kars Recreations Centre
Aug 3 – K1L at Parc Optimiste Park, K1J at the Beacon Hill North Community Hall & K1B at Sheffield Glen Park!
Aug 5 – K4P at Greely West Park, K0A 2P0 at 2618 Mandor Cres & K0A 3J0 at Vernon Recreation Centre
Aug 6 – K2C at Celebration Park, K1S at Windsor Park & K1H at Grasshopper Hill Park
Aug 7 – K0A 2Y0 at Ramsayville/Ottawa Farm Fresh, K1C at Heritage Park & K1T at the Greenboro Community Centre
Aug 10 – K0A 3H0 at Vars/Alcide Trudeau Park, K0A 1V0 at Edwards Memorial Park/Rochon Gardens & K0A 2G0 at Kenmore Bicentennial Park
Aug 11 – K2H at Banner Park, K2L at Beaton Park & K2K at Walden Park
Aug 12 – K0A 1T0 at Dunrobin Community Centre, K0A 3M0 at Woodlawn/Archie’s Poutine & BBQ & K0A 1X0 at the Fitzroy Community Centre!
Aug 13 – Wateridge Village Community Association Fundraiser at Wing Officer Willa Walker Park
Aug 14 – K1W at Patrick Dugas Park, K4B at Navan Centennial Park & K1E at Queenswood Ridge Park
Aug 17 – K4A at Millenium Park, K4C Cumberland/ Kennedy Arena & K0A 3E0 at the Sarsfield Community Centre

Aug 18 – K2E at General Burns Park, K2G at Merivale Gardens Park & K1V at Owl Park

Aug 19 – K1G at Weston Park, K2J at Half Moon Bay Park & K1X at Ficko

Aug 21 – K2W at Brookshire Park, K0A 1L0 at Doug Rivington Park & K0A 2H0 at Kinburn Community Centre

Aug 24 – K2M at Eva James Community Centre, K2R at Rooney Park & K0A 3P0 at Munster Park

Aug 26 – K2T at Devonian Park, K2S at Crossingbridge Park & K0A 1B0 at Ashton Park

Aug 28 – K2L at Beaton Park, K2V at Walter Baker Park & K2S at Pack Street

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