It’s The Fairmont Mint (Exchange)!

It’s minting time. The backyard kind. The kind that can be turned into delicious minty Merry Pops, like fresh mint ice cream, raspberry mint sorbet, and cucumber lime & mint Merry Pops!


How does it work?


Trade-in your mint leaves at The Fairmont Canadian Mint at 102 Fairmont starting at noon on Thursday, July 15th until 9pm on Tuesday, July 20th in exchange for a minted ice cream coin🍦! Bring fresh mint to the take-out window and it will be judged by Merry Dairy mint experts (because mint is mint to be judged). Depending on the grading of your mint, you will receive a minted e-coin for a Merry Pop, scoop, ice cream sandwich, or a pint!


Scores of 5-7 will receive a Merry Pop, 8-12 will receive a scoop or ice cream sandwich, and a mint condition score of 13-15 will receive a pint! Why score the mint? Because we want to make the best ice cream and Merry Pops, we need the best mint (spearmint and peppermint preferably)! There are lots of different types of mint, and people like Martha Stewart have made a handy guide to the best culinary mint!


Want to boost your coin? Mint-ify it by donating it to the Parkdale Food Bank, where your coin will increase in value by 25%! Just check off the box on your mint form!