It’s The Fairmont Mint (Exchange)!

It’s minting time. The backyard kind. The kind that can be turned into delicious mint treats like ice cream and sorbets!


How does it work?


Bring your mint at The Fairmont Canadian Mint at 102 Fairmont starting at noon on Tuesday, July 19th until 9pm on Tuesday, July 26th where it will be minted overnight into Merry Dairy credit following judging by Merry Dairy mint experts (because mint is mint to be judged). The more mint the merrier, but quality is key! Bring in 500g of high quality, aromatic mint of the finest quality, and it’s enough credit for a free pint of ice cream! But whatever amount you bring, it will be mint-ily judged, and credit will be sent expeditiously!


Because we want to make the best ice cream and sorbets, we need the best mint (spearmint and peppermint preferably)! There are lots of different types of mint, and people like Martha Stewart have made a handy guide to the best culinary mint!



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