Booking the truck or cart for your next event is easy!

Looking to book The Truck or Cart? Whether planning a birthday party, a wedding, corporate event, or fundraisers for up to 1000s of guests, The Merry Dairy can provide frozen treats.

School Events

The Merry Dairy helps schools raise money by donating up to 15% of revenues back to the school based on the number of scoops sold. There is no delivery fee and The Truck is nut and peanut free!

Festivals Tournaments and More

The Truck is a regular at Festivals, Ottawa Food Truck Rallies, The Museum of Agriculture’s annual Ice cream Festival, community events, street parties and more.

The Cart

$180 delivery and service fee
The Cart can be set up inside or outside.
Ice cream sandwiches $5.50 per person
Gourmet Fruit Pops $4.00 per person

The Truck

$180 delivery and service fee
A scoop with one topping $5.75 per person
A scoop with unlimited toppings $6.00


Also available from The Cart or The Truck

Ice cream sandwiches
Gourmet Fruit Pops

Additional fees for longer service time and distances greater than 25 km. All Reservation Details must be finalized 5 days prior to service date and a 50% deposit is required to reserve the date.

Just fill out the form below and indicate whether you the truck, cart, both or either one. For example, if the truck is not available due to a previous commitment, we will work with you to try to find a solution, such as to offer the cart, or work with you on the exact times of the event.

Please note that filling out this form is only the request, not a confirmation on booking! Also note that bookings may be subject to a booking and mileage fee, depending on the nature of the event and its distance from central Ottawa.

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