Flavour Descriptions

This is a picture of four scoops of ice cream and is used to illustrate all the wonderful and fun flavours avialable each week at The Merry Dairy!

A tower of cone power!

Every week is an opportunity to make new and fun dairy and vegan flavours! Wondering what they are like? Scroll down for a list of our flavours and their descriptions:

Not all the flavours below are on offer on any given day! You can see our daily pints selection here and our daily scoops on our homepage! Sometimes these flavours sell out … If a flavour we’re scooping isn’t available in pints online, we can always hand-pack a pint when you visit 102 Fairmont!. Questions? Email info@themerrydairy.com! 🙂


Looking for holiday flavour descriptions? Why .. here they are!



Blueberry Lemon (GF/SF)

The blueberries are from Canada. The lemons, which are from outside Canada, are fresh-squeezed at 102 Fairmont and gently added to join the blueberries in our premium ice cream base, where it becomes Blueberry Lemon! This flavour is sweet, smooth, and of course lemony! (GF, SF)


Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake (GF/SF)

Like it should star on its own episode of Cawfee Tawk, this ice cream blends cherries into a scrumptious chocolate cheesecake base to make you want to have that cup of coffee with this slice, er, scoop of chocolate cherry cheesecake!




This is a label for vegan chocolate oreo
Chocolate Oreo (V)
A delicious vegan base chocolatified and mixed with tasty Oreo cookies. Simple, to the point and a wonderful cone or pint! In scoops or hand-packed pints.

This is a label for Merry Dairy chocolate chip cookie dough ice creamCookie Dough … not only for self-isolation!

There it is .. waiting. Store-made deee-licious cookie dough chunks folded in with premium ice cream and swirls of chocolate sauce ,.






Cookie Monster

Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom. All the cookies crumbled into premium ice cream that just happens to be naturally-coloured blue. Perfect for all cookie monsters, little monsters, and monsters that wonder. What kind of cookies? All kinds of cookies!





Earl Grey & Shortbread (GF/SF)

Like a tea party in a pint, it’s Sloane’s finest Earl Grey tea, steeped, and included in our dairy base along with our very own gluten-free shortbread. Taken together, it’s a lovely, crunchy combination that makes any afternoon (or evening) a little merrier!







Funfetti (GF/SF)

Life can be complicated enough, but funfetti revels in its simplicty. Vanilla ice cream, with lots of sprinkles mixed in. It’s a crowd favourite – especially if your crowd also likes Paw Patrol.






Hibiscus Passionfruit (V/GF/SF)
Steeped hibiscus flowers and passionfruit blended with our premium vegan ice cream base to create this delightfully tropical and refreshing flavour.
Honeycomb (GF/SF)
Honey – so complex and yet so universal. Did the bees mean it to be this way? This simply complex flavour is made from local Crerar’s honey, and then buzzed into a premium ice cream flavour. It has our homemade crunchy honeycomb toffee mixed into a honey ice cream base. With each spoonful you get pockets of sweet, syrupy honeycomb.
This is a label for Honey Lavender Ice Cream
Honey Lavender (GF/SF)
Honey … where did you put the lavender? Why, they’re both in the ice cream! Local Crerar’s honey is added to our base with just enough lavender mixed in to make this flavour fly away faster than a lavender harvest on a late-summer day!
Limoncello Blackberry Biscotti (SF)
Could this flavour simply be crazy delicious? Homemade Blackberry Biscotti, crumbled into a vanilla base laced with Limoncello liqueur. Love it once, then love it again!

Malted Milk Chocolate & Mini-Eggs

Like its cousin Mini-Eggs, Malted Milk Chocolate Mini-Eggs brings together many many mini-eggs, but says, hey, let’s reach out to the malted chocolate set, and add in some malted milk and chocolate to the base. In fact, it’s a page out of our Great Scoops recipe book! In scoops or hand-packed pints only 🙂





Mango Sorbet (V/GF/SF)

The delectable Alphonso & Kesar mangoes. Sweet, juicy and bonkers tasty. Hand peeled & pureed at 102 Fairmont, they are then made into a simply scrumptious sorbet. In scoops at 102 Fairmont only due to its limited, small-batch, it’s a summer scoop that delights the senses.





Mango Lassi (SF/GF)

The Alphonso and Kesar mango make another appearance! This time, it’s Mango Lassi, that refreshing way to complement any meal. This ice cream combines fresh, hand peeled mangoes, with a little bit of yoghurt, some coriander and combines it with our premium dairy base!





Mint Oreo

Mint plus Oreo plus ice cream. An equation for a tasty flavour with a refreshing twist. Available in scoops or hand-packed pints.






Nunavut Day! (GF/SF)

This special once-a-year small-batch flavour contains a vanilla ice cream base, with our store-made lemon curd and raspberry sauce swirled throughout. For the star, it’s blue candies, all to represent the beautiful colours of the Nunavut flag on this special day.





Ottawa Valley Maple (GF/SF)

If only we had our own stand of sugar maples in the Merry Dairy parking lot, we’d be heading out back to tap the trees and being the run of the saps! Luckily, we have Lanark County’s Coutts rich, dark maple syrup to blend into our premium base and start the spring melt with a frozen treat.







Spiced Pumpkin Pepita (V/GF/SF)
Pumpkin spice, with emphasis on the spice!  Autumn meets the tropics in this blend of vegan pumpkin ice cream with a kick of spice, showered with toasted pumpkin pepitas for that extra crunch. 







Strawberry Lemon Sorbet (V/GF/SF)

This refreshing summer sorbet is made with strawberries, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and lemon zest. Zes, vee use zest .. zestfully. 






Strawberry Rhubarb (V/GF/SF)


Maybe the perfect pairing? Sweet strawberries and tangy rhubarb. This batch is made from homemade rhubarb jam from The Merry Dairy kitchen swirled with strawberries into our vegan base! 






Strawberry Shortcake (SF)

Only here for a short time, strawberry shortcake combines fresh strawberries, our delicious homemade shortcake, and blends into our premium dairy base. Hello summer! So nice to meet you! 🙂







Sunbutter Crunch (V)

What is sunbutter? It’s sunflower butter! Made in a certified nut-free facility, we blend this pure sunbutter into our vegan base, add a strip of vegan fudge, crushed Oreo cookies, and then mix in chopped sunbutter chocolate cups. It is vegan-ly delicious!






Roasted Rhubarb (GF/SF)


Fresh neighbourhood rhubarb, chopped, roasted until just the right amount of sweetness is carmalized. Then it’s added to our dairy base to be its rhubarbiest best.





Tiger Tail (GF/SF)

Did you know that this tiger comes from Ontario? Or so the legend goes … This magnificent ice cream resembles tiger strips and is made with an all-natural orange base and is ferociously striped with anise-caramel ribbons throughout!






Tiramisu (SF)


They’re called ladyfingers and when they’re dipped in coffee and mixed with cream, they become tiramisu. A fun word to say, even more fun to scoop, this dessert in a cone is an instant classic!





Toasted Coconut (GF/SF)

Imagine a warm summer beach, with coconut trees swaying as the waves transport you to shores of 102 Fairmont where a pint of fresh coconut ice cream awaits. This flavour has toasted coconut flakes mixed into a super premium vanilla-coconut base. (GF, SF)





This is a label for Merry Dairy Trash Panda ice cream

Trash Panda

Behold our furry friends. The raccoon roams the ‘hoods and appreciates the smorgasbord available to it. The Merry Dairy offers all critters a nut-free feast of chocolate-covered pretzels, Oreo cookies, raspberry, and malted fudge swirls!





And then there are the hits …


This is a label for Merry Dairy chocolate ice creamChocolate (GF/SF)

Sometimes after a complex day, it’s the simple things that count. And chocolate ice cream, created in-house with a rich cocoa, hits the spot when you’re on the spot … 






This is a label for Merry Dairy vegan coffee ice creamCoffee (V/GF)

Good to the last scoop! Wait, can we say that? But, this is the plant-based flavour that is like a rich, frozen coffee that is vegan-licious on its own, or paired with any kind of dessert! Made with a coconut-coffee base with ripples of chocolate crackle throughout.







Coffee (SF/GF)

Loaded with coffee and espresso, this flavour is just like an iced coffee; creamy with deep coffee flavour! Delicious even in the morning!







This is a label for cookies and cream Merry Dairy ice cream

Cookies & Cream

Oooooo-reee-ooooooo in mood for a classic? A flavour combination that pleases any crowd, loud, proud or wowed … Fresh premium ice cream base with you-know-what cookies folded in them is the crowd-pleaser we’ve been waiting for.





This is a label for Merry Dairy mint chip ice cream

Mint Chip (GF)

Mint … as it was “mint” to be. Premium ice cream, all-natural amazing mint flavour, and premium chocolate chips. As Kermit says, it ain’t easy being green, and for that reason you’ll find no green food colouring or any other greening agent. Just pure mint flavour, and let the chips fall where they may.





This is a label for Merry Dairy vegan mint chip ice cream

Vegan Mint Chip (V/GF)

Mint ahoy! This plant-based favourite starts with a rich, organic coconut milk base, all-natural amazing mint, and premium chocolate chips. No green food colouring here either – just scoops and scoops of creamy, minty, goodness!





This is a label for Merry Dairy salted caramel ice creamSalted Caramel (GF/SF)

Store-made salted caramel that joins a premium ice cream base for a flavour that stands on its own, or hangs out with a piece of pie, piece of cake, or with a big spoon and Netflix (or Crave, or CBC Gem, or Prime, or Apple, or Acorn, or Roku) on a Saturday night. (GF, SF)





This is a label for Merry Dairy strawberry ice cream

Strawberry (GF/SF)

Oh strawberry, how do I love thee .. let me count the ways! And there are many ways to love this premium flavour that tastes just like the strawberries and cream they wrote about in those Jane Austin novels. Step back and step up with this classic flavour.





This is a label for Merry Dairy vanilla ice cream

Vanilla (GF/SF)

The flavour that started it all. And not an imitation – but pure vanilla. A flavour that is wild on its own, and yet, delicately goes with any other flavour. Could there be a more dependable and more exciting ice cream friend than the uniquely universal Vanilla?





This is a label for Merry Dairy Vanilla frozen custard

Vanilla Frozen Custard (GF/SF)

The truck treat that started it all for The Merry Dairy! Frozen Custard is less sweet than most ice cream, but super, super creamy. It has less air whipped in than regular hard scoop ice cream and is made fresh daily!




Spooky Halloween Flavours:


Candy Bar 

Trick or Treat! All the best nut-free chocolate bars including Smarties, Coffee Crisp, Kit Kat, and Aero chopped up and loaded into a vanilla base! And there’s more! Swirls of chocolate and caramel sauce mixed in.


Chocolate Haunted Toffee (GF/SF)
Behold the chocolate river and the salted toffee forest, plants as far as the eye can see. Homemade chocolate-covered sponge toffee pieces in our vegan chocolate base. So get in touch with your inner Augustus Gloop and dive in or your outer Veruca Salt, and get some nowwwww, if you dare!







Black vanilla frozen custard with chocolate-covered popping candy mixed in.  Available in scoops on the scariest night of the year.







Crunch-n-Sunbutter (V/GF)
This flavour bends in all the right places into our vegan base, with strips of vegan fudge, crushing Oreo cookies, and then mix in chopped-up sunbutter chocolate cups. It is vegan-ly and midnight-ly horror-ly delicious!






Edgar Allan S’mores
A premium graham-vanilla base loaded with toasted marshmallows, chocolate-covered graham crackers, and swirls of chocolate meringue.
Available Sat, Oct 22.






Graveyard (V)

Chunks of Oreo cookies and white chocolate-covered pretzels in a chocolate base with swirls of blood (or a not-so-scary strawberry sauce). Dig in!






Honey – so complex and yet so universal. Did the bees mean it to be this way? This simply complex flavour is made from local Crerar’s honey, and then buzzed into a premium ice cream flavour. It has our homemade crunchy honeycomb toffee mixed into a honey ice cream base. With each spoonful you get pockets of sweet, syrupy honeycomb. 




Jason Voorheesecake (GF/SF)
Cheesecake isn’t scary, (er, not even Jason Vorheesecake??), with a strawberry swirl, fresh cream base, cream cheese and gluten-free graham crumbs. Available Thurs, Oct 20.






Karamel Popkorn (GF/SF)
It’s the fall fair, and you’re looking at that ride and just aren’t sure. Then you munch on a lovely mix of buttered popkorn base with karamel korn mixed in. Then you say, yes, let’s ride.🍿






Scaramel Apple (GF/SF)
Fall fairs may be gone, but fall scares are just beginning. Boo, it’s scaramel apple, a salted caramel base with chunks of cinnamon-covered green apples and extra swirls of caramel sauce. 








A note about allergens (V/GF/SF)

All Merry Dairy products are tree nut, peanut and sesame free. Products that are gluten-free are listed GF. Vegan products are listed as V. No soy is added to any of our products, but some products do contain very small amounts of soy lecithin, which is an ingredient in some chocolate products, like chocolate chips. Products without soy lecithin are listed as SF. Any product not listed as SF would have small or trace amounts of soy lecithin only. Have questions about other allergens or ingredients? Please write us at info@themerrydairy.com



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