The Fathers Day Trifecta

Get to the Father’s Day Finish Line with the Merry Dairy Dad Trifecta!


Find your perfect Dad combo for Fathers Day with 1, 2, or all three of these Fathers Day treats!


Sure there’s the ol’ six-pack, but what about the three-pack? Surprise Dad with a one, two, or all three flavours of beer-inspired ice cream!


Big Honkin’ Radler – Got a Dad who likes to bike, or watch the Tour de France on TV? A vegan sorbet made with freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice and oodles of Stiegl Grapefruit Radler mixed in makes this summer’s freshest, re-freshest flavour.



Dragon Stout – You don’t have to be stout to love stout. And if you’ve ever tried this member of Jamaica’s Red Stripe family of beers, you’ll know that the delicious, nutty, robust flavour of the Dragon Stout might make it the perfect beer to pair with ice cream.



Raspberry Wheat Sorbet – It may not be Wheaties, but a wheat beer is a special treat! This Raspberry Wheat sorbet is made with Clocktower’s Raspberry Wheat Ale, and brings a refreshing finish to the Dad pint three-pack.


Order your pints at


Adorn your pint with a Dad-bod label. Choose the pint you want then choose your Dad or Dad-like person custom label from the 30 available selections. Add a message of your choice. It’s all explained in the video!





Bring Fathers Day to your door with a visit from a Merry Dairy truck. With a delivery fee of $35 and no minimum order, the truck can go anywhere in Ottawa to find or deliver to Dad. And deliveries start at noon, so Dad can sleep in!


How does it work?


First – select your delivery here and choose mid-day or early evening delivery!


Second – select your order with a custom Dad pint or Dad-bod label, or any other treat from!


Third – sit back and relax in your choice of Father’s Day treat and enjoy The Merry Dairy Father’s Day playlist made of favourite dad tunes submitted by all!









And that’s the Fathers Day Trifecta!